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Increase Your Event’s Impact to a Full Calendar Year – Part II

Increase your event impact

Once the day of your event has passed, ensuring that its impact lasts for another 364 days should be among your top priorities. Following the coverage of the designated pre-event strategies, the post-event phase is a strong opportunity to increase your participants’ anticipation for your next endeavours, as well as to add more value of your offering by promoting your valuable content to them.

Win them over with your content

In order to forge strong relationships with key members of your audience and retain their interest in your brand and future events, there is one central point to focus on; content. Determining the type of content and finding the most suitable channels for dissemination, are the two first steps towards building the foundations for increased impact and engagement.

A key indicator is your target audience’s willingness to attend. Generally, people who participate in events – and especially younger, tech savvy audiences – crave for educational opportunities. As they are beginning to question the traditional one-way communication format, adding an element of interactive learning with insightful information is a catalyst for more frequent interaction with your content that can lead to an everlasting overall impact.

Webinars, session snippets, testimonials and strong social proof of your event’s success are the tools you need to reach those who ultimately couldn’t make it.

At this stage, it is paramount to lay additional focus on those who you specifically want to attend next time. The best practice to achieve that is by providing them with carefully selected and highly visual content. Triggering videos, light pieces of information and thought-provoking statistics are usually the ways to go. When combined with a smart and subtle artistic touch, you can also achieve a higher chance of them interacting with your content.

Create More impact

Voice of Customer

‘Spoiling’ your target audience with quality content is at the core of your strategy to increase impact and engagement. To add to this, you also need to concentrate your efforts in keeping up the momentum. It is true that this is a challenge, especially since it requires strategically structured follow-ups with attendees albeit the value of listening to customers, simply cannot be ignored. Utilising the power of your attendees’ voice can help you forge stronger relationships and create new business opportunities while targeting a different group.

At MCI, we are using technology in alignment with the key needs and goals that organisations require in order to deliver impactful meetings and events for engaging and activating their audiences. Contact us here to find out how we can help.

The full article was published on the print issue of Conference Matters Magazine no125 (English edition) – available online here

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