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Promoting Sustainability to Attract Millennials

Sustainability to attract millennials

Attracting and engaging with event attendees from the demographic cohort ‘Generation Y’, is one of the most sought-after targets in our fast-changing industry. In their effort to attract more millennials and motivate them to interact, event professionals strive towards creating events that act as elevated educational platforms, enhanced with digital tools, while embracing the power of social media.

While employing the right digital tools and tactics is an effective way to attract this generation, sustainability plays a key role in further optimising their experience and encouraging an even greater sense of commitment.

Millennials aspire to be sustainable in their personal life. Thus, they show greater support to organisations and brands that act on and align their operational mechanisms with sustainability.

By identifying their values and structuring your event programme based on sustainable practices, is the first and vital step. A clear programme is essential as it helps them understand and realise how their role and attendance impacts your sustainability goals. Keep them engaged through extensive messaging in online platforms promoting economic, social and environmental growth. Last but not least, inspire and make them interact longer with your content by smoothly merging creativity with sustainability strategies.

Having a stronger sense of concern for social good, this generation is more accustomed to ‘going green’ than the previous ones. Hence, the events industry has another significant reason to drive growth and success through the implementation of more sustainable strategies that contribute to a greater social and environmental cause. By showing that your organisation is taking steps towards turning events into more environmentally conscious and socially aware concepts, you not only achieve to make your events more attractive, inspiring and successful; you can effectively communicate to your millennial target group your commitment to fight for their future. 

In conclusion, it is important to remember that millennials look for more sustainable products and services, not just socially responsible companies.

To discover how we can design a sustainable event that elevates your brand and exceeds expectations in attendee participation and to get more information on our sustainability approach, visit us here.


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By Nicoleta

Mon, 10th Jul 2017

Great article! As a generation Y representative I can subscribe to the information written about social responsibility 🙂

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