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Refresh Your Sustainability Strategies Through Creativity & Innovation

Sustainability strategies and Creativity

Sustainability in the events industry is a widely used strategy often applied through recycling tactics, sourcing Food & Beverage locally and resorting to reusable material . These initiatives are all effective, supporting a greener and more sustainable cause but, in the end, do they add more value? And furthermore, do people still find them inspiring and engaging enough?

It is important to remember that sustainability isn’t just about ticking off boxes on a green list, nor is it solely a unique selling point. What drives meetings and events to success is creating a unique and memorable experience that will keep the audience, as well as the organisation, engaged to a financially, socially and environmentally responsible cause.

Below are some ways to refresh your organisation’s sustainability strategies in order to activate your audience and increase their engagement with your cause.

Reshape the future of sustainability through energy

Making the audience feel as an integral part of sustainable initiatives, such as generating energy from movement (also known as kinetic energy), you can drastically increase engagement. For instance, turning regular power outlets of the venue into generators of kinetic energy is an effective and innovative tactic to consider for your  sustainable strategies. It can vary from using motion to charge mobile phones to mixing smoothies by biking. Overall, kinetic systems can provide much more than energy,as  they are a data source and form of digital currency.

Raise awareness on the choices attendees make

Making people aware of their actions and choices is a powerful way to highlight the importance of sustainability. As some decisions, like choosing print material instead of online versions, are made on a subconscious level. By using tactics that will emphasise what is sustainable and what is not, can immediately prompt the attendees to see that their actions and choices can really make a difference.

To discover how we can design a sustainable event that elevates your organisation and to find more information on our sustainability approach , please visit here.

The full article was published on the print issue of Meeting International Magazine Volume 7- nr1 – 2017, available here.

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