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Event Professionals Basics: Digital Tools for Planning

Digital tools for event planning

How optimum is your event planning process? As our industry has clearly shifted towards the digitisation of information, are event professionals making the most out of all available resources? With a broad range of digital tools, increasing attendee engagement becomes a matter of providing participants with the most complete and tailor-made service package. But, the possibilities of such tools are not limited only to that. They are, also, time-saving resources that help event professionals stay inspired, updated, proactive and efficient. 

Event Marketing & Promotion

Even though social media is one of the most common – and widely popular – communication and engagement tools for event professionals, the digital sphere offers a wide range of capabilities to reinforce your marketing and promotion activities.  From building relationships with potential attendees through strong email campaigns, to capturing their attention with e-posters on-site, engaging with them through mobile apps and disseminating online content (webinars, videos, online magazines,etc.) make sure to incorporate these powerful tools in your overall strategy for maximum results.

Data analytics & engagement reporting

In a digital world where everything turns into a source of invaluable data, what if event professionals could optimise the data gathering and analysis process and receive feedback on who their audience really is, what they did onsite at the last event and what matters to them? Digital tools that provide such solutions are imperative throughout the entire event life-cycle.

Live streaming

With the rise of hybrid events and virtual reality, attendees can now access events from all over the world without leaving their country or even home. Not only are they attending sessions real time, but also they’re networking with other attendees, participating in online polling and having almost the same experience with everyone who is physically attending. Live video apps and streaming options are taking modern-day events to the next level leveraging the power of virtual attendance and expanding their impact to new audiences.


From managing sign-ups per session through an online registration system to handling them live through bespoke mobile apps, event technology allows event professionals to ensure a real-time and streamlined registration process across multiple platforms. This way, attendees can see the most recent information, and thus plan accordingly, and additionally these digital full-service registration and housing systems can save many hours on managing registrations, as well as provide the best practices to customise and optimise the attendee experience.

Site & venue selection

For venue and site selection, digital tools enable a smooth collaboration between event properties and event professionals. These tools act as dynamic platforms that allow for diagramming of property and seating arrangements, while factoring in attendance, location and desired outcomes.

See how MCI can help you engage and activate your audiences using the latest technology and employing powerful digital tools to elevate your event experience here.


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By SmartSource

Tue, 18th Jul 2017

This is a comprehensive pathway to covering all the planning basis! Good tools certainly do help with the process. Thanks for sharing!

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