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Event Professionals Basics: Choosing the Right Staff

Choosing the right event staff

The first people with whom your attendees interact, are your event’s staff. ‘Building’ your event team is a key part of the planning process, as it helps to bring you a step closer to achieving your bigger goals. That being said, what are the best practices for choosing the right event staff? Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Evaluate your needs and choose people with the right attitude, as skills can be taught in contrast to attitude
  • Hire people who you feel are suitable to act as your brand ambassadors based on their soft-skills
  • Look for potential candidates by involving your existing team members in the selection process

The above tips are only some of the key aspects to keep in mind. However, this process is not only just about ticking off boxes from a list. It is also about thinking forward and being able to respond to your target audience’s needs and expectations efficiently and well in advance. Here are a few areas for further consideration:

Leverage your audience’s feedback

Are you servicing your attendees’ needs and expectations to the fullest? A step closer to the right direction would be to hire people who can keep the communication with your target audience alive, gathering information on what they liked or disliked, while building the foundations for your scheduled follow-ups. This will help massively when implementing your post-event marketing activations.

Maximise engagement with smaller sessions

Assigning a dedicated person or team to help form or initiate small-group discussions, is a powerful way to increase engagement and reinforce your educational sessions. This will also enable your attendees to process better and remember the key learnings while they take advantage of more targeted networking opportunities.

Focus on the exhibitors

Making the most out of the tradeshow floor presence is key for optimising your attendees and exhibitors’ experience. Consider placing a member of your staff who will be responsible for communicating with exhibitors and ensuring a smooth running of the show.

In conclusion, choosing the right event staff is one part of the story; building a dream team that stays motivated and committed to their roles is what can drive your meetings and events to greater success.

Whether you are interested in enhancing the overall event experience, boosting participants’ engagement or activating your target audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. For more visit us here.

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