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Seating Plan: A Factor for Success?


The “You are where you sit” mindset is omnipresent in the business world. Just like in all cases where seating needs to be arranged for the public, the development of a detailed seating plan for your upcoming conference is a crucial part of the planning process.

Some of the most frequent issues to tackle when working on seating arrangements, revolve around the event type, the number of potential attendees and of course, the venue.

Interactive seating plan

Are you looking for ways to encourage participants to interact with each other and/or with the content of a presentation? Then the seating arrangement shall be carefully structured in order to facilitate face-to-face conversations, debates, Q&As and of course to provide unrestricted view to all participants.

On the other hand, do you want your attendees to have their undivided attention on the stage and the presenter / speaker(s)? Then a theatre-style seating characterised by attention to the slightest detail (eg. always make sure you place the VIPs at the front rows!) would serve your purpose best.

theatre style event seating

There are many different seating styles and layouts that you can create from scratch, that may be further tailored depending on your needs and the selected venue’s capabilities.

It is vital to keep in mind what type of overall experience your attendees would enjoy. They should feel comfortable with their surroundings, informed and willing to absorb content, as well as be susceptible to learning. Once you participants are seated, they will immediately switch to the next stage of the engagement process which will eventually lead in shaping the overall event experience.

The structure of your seating plan can be a defining factor to your event’s success. Once you have determined the most appropriate arrangement, you can turn your focus on another key indicator of success; the stage. Find tips to elevate your attendees’ experience through powerful stage settings here.

Whether you are interested in enhancing the overall event experience, boosting participants’ engagement or activating your target audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. For more visit us here.

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