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Adding Micro-Influencers to Your Marketing Mix

Micro-influencers & event marketing

Micro-influencers are a powerful resource to add to any brand’s marketing mix and overall strategy. They are individuals who specialise in a particular topic or industry and have gained their followers’ trust by publishing and sharing high-quality content on their personal social media accounts.

With this in mind, what makes an event stand out? While the answers to this question may vary – from powerful content to unique networking opportunities and awe-inspiring settings – they all share a common characteristic: authenticity. Marketing teams are constantly looking for new, effective ways to highlight and promote originality in their meetings and events. Usually, this can be achieved by using real life stories or a widely recognised ‘spokesperson’. Here’s where social micro-influencers come in.

The list of benefits for forging strong relationships with social influencers varies and can include concepts such as extending your reach to more targeted and engaged audiences, to further strengthening your marketing activities through a multi-channel outreach.

As we move forward, we notice that event professionals are also tapping into the power of micro-influence; a popular – but yet not new – trend. The primary focus here is to approach micro-influencers to help them build and maintain their audience’s engagement.

Micro-influencers for event marketing

Think small to win big

Unlike traditional influencers, micro-influencers have a smaller share of followers  usually a few thousands – but their audience is undeniably more targeted and much more inclined in engaging with the published content.

Find the right match with your brand

According to a recent study, 42% of influencers feel that the most significant factor to consider when attempting to build a relation with a brand, is alignment with the brand’s core values. Subsequently, it is crucial to undergo a detailed screening process before selecting the most suitable individuals to support and promote your cause.

Looking at the future, consider the benefits of starting a new collaboration with micro-influencers as this can proven to be a powerful tool to add to your marketing mix. They can help with your team’s brainstorming sessions for the development of creative content by sharing their personal thoughts and ideas; blog about their experience in working with your team or on a specific project on their own channels; and successfully leverage their social media power while efficiently spreading the word about your event to their audiences.

Are you looking for new and efficient ways to reach, engage and activate your targeted audiences? At MCI, we are constantly optimising our services in alignment with industry trends in order to deliver impactful meetings and events. Contact us here to find out how we can help.

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