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Key Lessons From a Decade of Dedication to Sustainability

a decade of dedication to sustainability

With more and more communities, governments and businesses joining the fight to tackle climate change, environmental degradation and social challenges, it is exciting to reflect on our journey towards sustainability and see where we have come and what we have learnt in the past ten years.

So, here is a quick summary of eight key insights which reflect the transformation of our culture and mindset.

  • More often than not, sustainable strategies need to make immediate short term business sense, thus it becomes paramount to highlight the impact of environmental and social actions on the bottom line.
  • Working hand-in-hand with clients whose vision and core value are also focused on sustainability, reinforces the cause and further inspires the team.
  • It is important to incorporate a process of rewards and recognition into the workflow (for more inspiration, see in our very own scorecard how we reward our champions), which will keep the team inspired and motivated; this is a tactic that can certainly elevate your approach towards sustainability.
  • For more impact and greater results, sustainability themes need to be weaved throughout the corporate communications strategy, not just added on.
  • Our research has shown that the success of an effective strategy lies in the team and in forming a group of motivated and enthusiastic aspirationals, who have the great ability to support companies in driving a transition to a more sustainable world.
  • Key to effective engagement and culture change is creating processes, products and services that are easy to understand and implement, but equally relevant to the teams.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of peer validation. We’ve seen clients and suppliers take action because their competitors have also taken action, which can be demonstrated through the Global Destination Sustainability Index – our project where we benchmark over 40 destinations for their sustainability performance.
  • The power of a single individual can create an entire avalanche of sustainable decisions and achievements.

Read the full article on our dedicated sustainability blog to have a more comprehensive overview of our key learnings from the past decade, get a glimpse of our success stories and see how championing sustainability can be one of the most inspiring, motivating jobs in the world.

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