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Tips For Tailoring Your Communication & Content to Your Audiences

Tailor your communication & content to your audience

As competition within our industry grows and the volume of online content increases at a fast rate, developing a solid communications strategy and building a strong online community is pertinent. This also highlights the need for associations to build a strong platform, which will host their content, champion their ideas, further promote their value proposition and open up a live and dynamic communication channel with their target audience.

But, before starting building a communications platform and forging a strong online presence, what are the key things to consider? Here are some tips and tricks to help you start off on the right foot.

Identify your stakeholders

The first step towards building a successful and meaningful communication platform is to determine which audience you would like to target and develop your topics accordingly. There is a wide pool of options that associations can choose from: members, prospects, sponsors, and of course the general public. The importance of this step lies in the premise that it will help you direct your messages and overall communication to the right people in a way that is relevant and valuable to them.

Harness the power of search engines

When having digital presence, it is crucial to ensure that your content appears high is search engine results in order to increase visibility and traffic. Therefore, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key to improving your chances of getting found online. Some tactics that can significantly help you optimise your content for search engines include adding the right keywords, creating back links to your website, sharing the content on social media, and last but not least, consistently developing content on a regularly basis.

Consider accessibility through all available platforms

As the use of mobile devices has grown at an increasing rate , and in fact on some occasions the time spent on mobile devices has risen to surpass the time spent on computers, it is important to ensure responsiveness and that your audience can access your content across all available devices. 

Delivering high quality content to your attendees, as well as offering a platform that facilitates and reinforces live and fruitful communication is a big step towards building trust, loyalty and increasing engagement.

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