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Event Industry Re-loaded: 3 Trends That Are Shaping its Future

trends shaping the event industry

What does the future hold for meetings and events? It is paramount that event professionals understand and foresee how the social and economic dynamics can influence the industry and be open to new opportunities for attracting and activating new audiences.

So, here are some emerging trends to consider in order to think like a futurist and successfully incorporate them into your overall strategy to maximise results in attendance, engagement and impact.

Added value

Attendees are more intent on getting the most value and purpose out of their activities these days, including events and conferences. From enjoying rich and high-quality content to building strong networks, every aspect of the event should be carefully crafted to facilitate their expectations and provide them with additional benefits, whether in regards to educational purposes, networking opportunities or entertainment. In addition, it is not only content that keeps them motivated and enhances their experience; it is also the feeling that you are offering them with the optimum services, which are saving them time and effort. Last but not least, make sure to offer them a memorable experience that will inspire and leave a lasting impact on their personal learning.

Sharing economy

With a range of emerging companies operating mainly in the sharing accommodation and transportation sector, the new norm of sharing economy is bound to disrupt the events industry throughout the event planning process, and more specifically in other event-related services, such as sharing of equipment, meeting spaces, decorations.etc.

Generation Z (post-millennials)

As the event industry has started to adapt to the needs and expectations of millennials, the next generation – the post-millennials – is starting to emerge. Identified as being born between the mid to late 1990s and the 2010s, generation Z shares some similarities with millennials, such as its reliance on digital technology and social platforms, however, there are several qualities specific to this generation that event professionals should consider. People in this category were born social and are considered a generation of global individuals. They are avid multi-taskers, shifting efficiently between tasks and have even higher expectations than millennials in terms of loyalty.

At MCI, we are constantly optimising our services in alignment with industry trends, as well as our clients’ expectations and requirements in order to deliver impactful meetings and events for engaging and activating their audiences. Contact us here to find out how we can help.

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