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Board Members Taking Action: Step 1 for Driving Growth

Board members contribute to conference's success

Organisations are fervently looking for new ways to drive more growth while investing significant amounts of time and resources to analyse data, measuring conference impact and determining areas for improvement. This happens as many associations acknowledge that their conference is the go-to place for networking and promoting educational opportunities, so one of their most sought-after goals is to create the much needed word-of-mouth excitement for it through a dedicated army of ‘conference ambassadors’.

Here is where your association board members can help immensely. Since these individuals are deeply committed to the association’s cause and have been elected to represent a larger community base for this, it is highly expected that they will be able to contribute significantly to the conference’s success.

Turning your board members into the association’s ambassadors brings you one step closer to success. Here is a list of simple ways to encourage your board members to support your cause more actively: 

One team, one mission

Get your board members to work as one team, towards a shared goal and with a common mission. Make sure to schedule regular board meetings in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and insights and provide them with all the needed resources and information about the conference for them to understand in full how they can use their role and personal connections for adding more to your conference’s success.

Form your game plan

Review and conclude on all the necessary tools needed in order to engage your board members. Interact with them on a personal level, map out a clear plan that will inspire as well as motivate them, and make sure to keep their interest alive throughout the entire conference’s life cycle.

Review, improve, and repeat

Today’s conferences are unique sources of producing and distributing valuable content. By digging deep into survey insights and details, you can extract useful information that account for the assessment of your conference’s impact. Make use of your board members’ profile and connections to get substantial feedback from delegates and affiliate leadership teams.

To find out how our MCI association experts can help your association grow and increase its member engagement, visit here.

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