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Event Professionals Basics: Pairing Online & Offline Interaction

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While event professionals undergo the challenging process of searching new ways to further engage with event attendees, companies and associations are turning their interest to creating more immersive events aiming at expanding and retaining their target audiences. 

That being said, even though live events are evidently promoting/causing increased engagement among the audience -leading to additional positive results: revenue and brand impact-, having a strong digital presence with a vivid online community is equally important for your overall success. Maintaining spirited digital communication channels is fundamental for staying connected with target audiences indefinitely.

Creating a powerful mix of offline and online community interaction is a highly effective way to keep the memorable onsite experiences last for longer, while building a strong database of your target audiences’ preferences for using to improve your digital marketing strategy. Here are some points to consider before immersing into the exciting world of community building:

Up your social media game!

Even though the rise of social media has shaped our industry making their use imperative, selecting the right channel and type of content is crucial to understand the specific needs of your target audience. What social network is best suited for your target audience and where are they most likely to engage most?

By determining the most appropriate channel and integrating it with a bespoke event app that encourages interaction amongst attendees onsite, you ensure that your target audience stays connected throughout your event’s duration. In addition, by providing them with high quality content, connecting them with influencers and engaging with them on a personal level, your chances of building a strong and vibrant offline community significantly increase.

Build online forums

Creating an online forum is the first step towards build a committed online community keeping your audience’s interest high even after the end of your event. Forums are a great way of stimulating different conversations depending on the members’ preferences and interests,  further enhancing your online communication strategy.

In this digital age, clients and their event attendees constantly have different needs, expectations and choices as technology adapts – they also want the same results when attending events and conferences. See how MCI can help you engage and activate your audiences using the latest technology and implementing social media to your event here.

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