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Increasing Your Exhibitors’ ROI Throughout Your Event


Exhibitors at a tradeshow enjoying a streamlined and fruitful experience, is a top priority for today’s event professionals. In times where budgets are tight and client needs are ever-growing, it is paramount to go the extra mile for securing the largest return on investment (ROI) possible. Having a number of unhappy exhibitors can easily create a wave of stressful situations as they could easily withdraw, leaving teams to constantly be on the lookout for new ones to fill the spots on the exhibition floor while time runs out!

There are numerous tactics and strategies that help exhibitors efficiently measure ROI, however event professionals can further facilitate this process by leveraging event tech and other digital tools throughout the course of the event. In this way, exhibitors can not only monitor more efficiently, but also increase their prospects’ engagement rate, gain better visibility within the floor and subsequently, achieve greater ROI.

Before the event

While exhibitors are fervently thinking about exhibition space and optimising booth design, one of the key areas to focus on for achieving maximum results prior to the opening day, is marketing your event and letting attending – and future – visitors know about your exhibitor’s location and products. For this, it is essential to take the time to create and implement a strong digital marketing campaign taking advantage of the unique social media capabilities in targeting and attracting special audiences.

From event logos, to custom email signatures, web banners and email invites, your promotional content is there to help you raise awareness for your exhibitor’s presence. For maximum impact, take the time to design and communicate tailored messaging and clear CTA directed at potential visitors as these methods will make them feel more intrigued to register and visit your exhibitor’s booth when the time comes.

On site

Technology and digital tools that are currently used frequently, such as bespoke apps and social media platforms, can significantly accelerate communication and interaction between your exhibitors and their visitors.

Furthermore, amplifying social media activities during the event and encouraging attendees as well as exhibitors to share content on their personal/company accounts, can further enhance the overall experience for both sides equally.

After the event

One of the key post-event strategies is certainly the follow-up. Gathering feedback and staying connected with your audience long after the event has taken place, is critical for your potential future collaboration and overall client satisfaction. However, this type of interaction is two-fold: first you need to ensure you have a streamlined communication channel with your exhibitors and afterwards, support your exhibitors in stimulating  and keeping the conversations with their online communities going. Forging meaningful community relationships is a true success indicator at all levels; whether it concerns increasing ROI, or uplifting engagement and elevating interaction.

For more information on how we can help you create immersive experiences, leverage event technologies and optimise engagement with your exhibitors and audiences visit us here.

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