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5 Event Tech Must-Haves for Immersive Experiences

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Just like in most industries, the evolution of event tech and innovation have been drastically reshaping the events world for more than a decade now.

Defining the role and impact of the latest technological advancements is substantial for ensuring an event’s success, but as the digital world keeps progressing at a fast pace, staying on top of current trends is a never-ending duty.

Here are 5 event tech must-haves to look out for.

Live streaming through drones

Drones have been in the spotlight for quite some time now, highlighting the desire to capture as much content as possible. Also considering the wide range of live streaming options, from social media live features to exclusive online streaming websites, drones form a great way for content capture and for enabling online audiences to experience the event from any location.

Virtual reality

From doing site and venue inspections, to developing interactive sessions and creating highly engaging content, virtual reality, although still in nascent stages, has already entered the events industry.

Augmented reality

Whether you are holding an exhibition enriched with augmented reality features, or you are using gamification to amplify your event experience, offering a different live view of a real-world environment with additional computer-generated information is a particularly effective way to increase your attendee engagement.

Can you tell the difference between virtual and augmented reality? See their crash test here.

Big data

From registration systems and event management software, to mobile apps and engagement tools, there are numerous sources of data, which makes their collection and management a growing focus for event professionals. Harnessing the power of big data allows event professionals to create substantially personalised experiences, as well as impactful attendee-centric events through better accommodating the audience’s demands.

Hologram technology

Providing an extra wow factor to captivate the audience’s attention and push boundaries, hologram projection technology has started to make inroads in our industry. In combination with virtual reality, this technology can have exciting implications for events, allowing for highly effective engagement tactics, varying from utilising hologram projections of people (speakers, guests, etc.) who are absent to maximizing your event’s impact through gamification.

Innovative technology plays a key role in the growth and development of the events industry and while there will always be emerging trends disrupting the industry, it is of great importance to use them to our advantage for creating immersive experiences.

At MCI, we are using technology in alignment with the key needs and goals that organisations require in order to deliver impactful conferences for engaging and activating their audiences. Contact us here to find out how we can help.

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