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5 Tips to Add to Your Sponsors & Exhibitors’ Bliss

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Sponsors and exhibitors are investing significant amounts and efforts to gain more visibility at your events. Therefore, it is crucially important to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience on the exhibition floor, not only by supporting them in driving more traffic to their booth but to making them feel that they were key components of an overall rewarding experience.

As a happy exhibitor is bound to return next year, here are 5 tips on how you can delight them:

1. Help them reach their target market through strong networking opportunities

Are you fully aware of your sponsors and exhibitors’ needs and goals? Only if the answer is yes can you tailor the greatly sought-after ROI process. Contact them directly and establish frequent communication for learning all the details about their needs and expectations. Then you will be able to proceed accordingly with selecting the best possible area to set-up their booth for maximising their brand’s exposure.

2. Produce high quality on- & offline materials 

Sponsorship packets, posters, brochures and online information must be handled with extra caution. Make sure you provide your clients with samples of engaging and informative collaterals that promote their brand in a way that meets the requirements on the decision-makers.

3. Content marketing should be your ally and best friend

Social media, email marketing campaigns and posting content on a dedicated blog are great ways to promote targeted content and consequently gather feedback and information on your potential attendees. This kind of information is immensely valuable to your sponsors and exhibitors, as it allows to reach their selected buying personas faster and to improve their services based on real-time feedback.

4. Enable on- and offline connections with easy-to-use tools

More often than not, what sponsors and exhibitors are looking for is frictionless communications with attendees. Win them over and ensure their retention by providing them with user-friendly tools fit to their needs and requirements. Bespoke event apps, audiovisual technology that complements their booth and 24/7 online support to name a few.

5. Follow-up!

The key to taking a new business relationship to the next level is to follow-up! Once your first objective of reaching the right audiences is complete (having monitored and documented the number and functions their booth visitors), it is vital to help them with keeping the communication alive. In order to do so, provide them with up-to-date lists of attendees in their preferred format and make sure you share with them the data gathered from scanning badges, registration, survey reports, etc.

Whether you are interested in learning more about how to attract more sponsorships or how corporate sponsorships can have a powerful impact on your events, our tailored services, and proven expertise can help you achieve the desired results. For more information, get in touch with us here.

For more tips and inspiration read our client success stories here.

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