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The Dos & Don’ts of Audience Engagement

Audience engagement dos and don'ts

Standing behind today’s “interactive experiences”, event professionals are continually searching for inspiring ways to meet one their most sought-after goals; boost audience engagement.

By employing innovative tactics through high-end event technology, spirited presence on social media and numerous digital tools, they can very often get it right, but in some cases, the attempts of getting their attendees involved do not go as initially planned.

Leaving the endless pool of possibilities aside for a moment, take some time to reflect on what event professionals should include in their to-do (not) list.


  1. Initiate a conversation.  Social media pages and groups are most effective, as they allow for direct and continuous communication with your target audience. Whenever possible, make sure to encourage attendees and people within your industry to stimulate online conversations and share relevant content. Make use of specific hashtags, visual content opportunities and motivate them to spread the word to their online communities.
  2. Spark things up with inspiring event tech. Event technology has rightfully become one of the most indispensable aspects of event production, with digital tools and devices at the spotlight for drawing the audiences’ attention.
  3. Offer a complete experience that blends networking, education, and entertainment. Every visitor has different needs and expectations from your event, so in order to guarantee long-lasting impact, you need to have a plan in place that aims at satisfying different types of needs; varying from educational purposes to pure entertainment.


  1. Underestimate the power of clear call-to-action. You might be running the most riveting social media campaign, or constantly feeding your online channels with large volumes of content, however, it is possible that you won’t achieve high percentages of engagement unless you help attendees make clear-cut decisions.
  2. Overwhelm your audience with technology. Yes, event apps and innovative technology can be your strongest ally towards the amplification of audience engagement, but it is important to avoid confusing your attendees with too much tech. Determine what type of technology is necessary – or preferable – and try not to get carried away with complex tools.
  3. Forget about your attendees after the event is over. Once the venue doors close, it’s time for a thorough followup. Send “thank you” messages to your target audience and ask for their feedback. The gain of doing so will be double; on the one hand you will keep them warm for your next initiatives by showing appreciation, and on the other hand, you will be able to gather valuable input for future improvements.

Find more tips and inspiration here.

Whether you are interested in enhancing the overall event experience, boosting participants’ engagement or activating your target audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. For more visit us here.

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