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Event Professionals Basics: Learning from Failure

failure into success

A while ago, we took a closer look at how to best handle a crisis. As there is a large number of factors that could potentially affect the program flow and overall attendee experience, it should be expected that things could possibly go awry from time to time. And it should come as no surprise if a crisis eventually turns into a corrosive failure.

The words “fail” or “failure” might sound alarming, however, there is no bulletproof recipe to avoid breakdown moments. Even the most experienced event professionals fail at times but the key here is to use the learnings to address any future challenge more swiftly and efficiently.

Regardless how small or considerable the failure is, it is critical to have a systematic recovery process in place. Here are the proposed steps to follow in order to turn failure into valuable lesson for future improvement:

  • Understand the cause of failure – if you want to really learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future, you must go through the uncomfortable post mortem process. Figure out what the reasons behind your failure are and use them to your advantage to recover.
  • Document what went wrong – the point of documenting your failure is not to create a constant and distressing reminder – but to learn from it. This will give you a clear overview of what not to repeat next time and identify patterns in your way of working that could potentially lead to another similar failure.
  • Don’t sweep it under the rug – the fear of failing again might linger with you for quite some time, however, it should not stop you from accepting that things did go wrong once. It is a crucial step towards healing and will give you back your confidence.
  • Back-up plans are your allies – what is the worst case scenario that you can think of? All you need to do is to have a backup plan for it, ready to save the day in case something goes wrong.

The road towards boosting participants’ engagement and enhancing the overall event experience can be bumpy from time to time, but this is all part of the game. Visit us here to see how we can help you achieve your goals. 


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By Nathaneal Kiran

Sat, 16th Sep 2017

Nice Read.

By Jamin Sandrine

Thu, 21st Sep 2017

Very interesting!

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