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Green Energy Ideas to Power Up Your Next Event

green energy events

Green energy and innovative sustainable solutions have been in the event industry’s spotlight for quite some time now – the latest paradigm being the recent EXPO 2017 in Astana. It is evident that our world needs to move away from the ever-increasing power consumption and its severe environmental repercussions, with events spearheading this massive effort.

Of course, any attempt towards the solution of this problem needs to be accompanied by a cultural change that encourages the decrease of the world’s appetite for energy. Companies are still shy of pursuing business growth and increase performance through the implementation of eco-friendly tactics. Demonstrating the true value of turning their events green can help them understand the overall positive ‘green’ impact and the alternate / environment-friendly ways of pursuing business growth.

It comes as no surprise that the first step before jump-starting a green energy event plan is to identify and define the main goals. Reducing energy use and carbon emissions, promoting innovation and creativity through unique energy solutions, engaging with attendees in adopting green energy options and preventing wasted energy and cost are amongst the most common objectives in the event planning phase.

Sustainability and green-powered solutions have already found their way into the events industry, as they are undeniably a highly impactful way to secure more sponsors and exhibitors, as well as reduce costs and footprint while promoting originality.

Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind for your next events:

Green energy venues – From green roofs and spaces to sourcing food and beverages from local suppliers, or replacing disposable items with re-usable ones, today’s event venues can account for more than just places to modify for creating immersive experiences. They have gradually transformed into outlets of sustainable initiatives further supporting the mission of event professionals towards greener events.

Hybrid events –  They do not only help to reduce the ever-growing percentages of carbon emissions caused by air-travel, they can actually increase attendance through remote participation. The available remote attendance options also lower the on-site energy consumption and provide with lower-carbon engagement alternatives for the overall event experience.

Green energy – Generating energy from movement, turning regular power outlets into generators of kinetic energy, or using motion to charge mobile phones are just some initiatives that can help you increase engagement with your attendees, contributing massively to the overall success of your event.

To discover how we can design a sustainable event that elevates your brand and exceeds expectations in attendee participation, visit us here.

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