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Bottom Line Benefits of Managed Travel Programs


Global support combined with local expertise featuring tailored solutions with centralized coordination, guidance to steer travelers towards policy compliance every step of the way, and maximum travel efficiency and cost-effectiveness. That is what you should require out of a travel partner.

Your travel management partnership plays a compelling monetary role and contributes to a corporation’s financial achievement. The cost of travel is often a corporation’s second or third largest controllable expense. Companies can experience an average of 20-28% savings by leveraging a savvy and experienced travel management ally. Robust reporting, analytics, and technology complemented by a knowledgeable human touch maintain measurable financial and cost-cutting benefits to the corporation.

Travel program guideline consistency is crucial. When corporate travelers confirm travel arrangements outside of the managed travel program, the company is at risk for wasting capital. Frequently impacted areas include higher non-preferred vendor rates leading to more expensive bookings, unused air ticketing revenues, non-refundable cancellation fees, and the lack of tracked brand contribution for future buying power. By compelling travelers through policy, guideline adherence to make arrangements through the travel department or online travel portal allows the company to obtain the most out of their preferred vendor negotiated discounts. Ultimately allowing a managed travel program to pay for itself through cost prevention and pre-negotiated revenue streams.

While the financial gains of a managed travel program to a company’s bottom line are clear, there are also invaluable key, non-monetary benefits that may be less discernible. Rewarding travel management also has a strong positive impact on employee fulfillment and increased productivity. Implementing and sustaining excellent service to travelers makes it more likely for employees to book travel through the organization’s travel program, which will increase compliance with travel guidelines, allowing the corporation to reap the rewards of greater financial savings.

Contributed by Valerie Mortimer, Director of Global Accounts & Wendy Ennis, Director of Corporate Travel Operations, Wyndham Jade, an MCI Group company.

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