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Event Planning: 5 Things That Can Go Wrong (and How to Fix Them)

event planning mistakes

Running a smooth event planning process, although highly desirable, is not always the case. Things could go wrong in various situations, from pure logistics to strategy execution, and when this happens it is not uncommon for things to escalate rather quickly.

For avoiding this type of unpleasant situations, here are some of the most common oversights and how turn them around.

1. Event tech failure 

From registration glitches and website crashes, to presentations not appearing on screens and sound issues, event tech fails can be innumerable – and sometimes, hard to avoid.

How to fix it: Try, test and repeat, until you are certain that the chances of suffering from any technical glitches are restricted to a minimum. Think of connectivity, try all laptops, screens and projectors, run A/V systems checks, and above all, put yourself in the attendees’ shoes and ensure they will be able to see and hear properly.

2. Unexpected dropouts

Due to flight delays, cancellations or health issues, your keynote speaker or special guest might fail to turn up. Whatever the reason, your attendees are onsite anticipating to experience your event to the fullest.

How to fix it: It is time to bring out your back-up guests and speakers. Make sure you have someone immediately available and can easily access the event location

3. Lose touch with connections

Attendees seek year-long engagement, so underestimating the power of frequent communication with your target audience can be a harmful oversight.

How to fix it: Establish a long-term content strategy, which will allow you to keep the communication with your target audience alive, even after the event is over. The post-event phase should be an essential component of your overall marketing strategy.

4. Stagnant online footprint

Your website is the core source of content and information about your event, and under no circumstances should it remain static for a long time. Ensure higher engagement with your site visitors by further complimenting your social media activities should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy.

How to fix it: Keep your website up-to-date, content rich and search engine friendly. The creation of relevant, informative content with the addition of strategically places keywords for SEO, are actions that can add real value to your visitors’ journey.

5. Have no back-up plan

Sometimes even the most experienced event professional can’t escape the unexpected. During event planning, things can often slip through the cracks and tasks can be overlooked at any given moment, only to be dealt with at the very last minute.

How to fix it: The key to mitigating mistakes in your event planning, varying from small scale to full-blown crises, is to have a solid back-up plan in place.

Troubleshooting any potential challenges ahead of time, will allow you to maintain control under pressure and ensure that you have a system in place to deal with situations that can could potentially damage your event. But even if things do go wrong, there are always important lessons to be learnt.

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