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What are Your Event Sponsors & Exhibitors Looking for?

Event sponsors and exhibitors

Sponsors and exhibitors are investing a significant amount of time, money and effort on gaining more visibility at the events they attend, increase brand awareness and interact with their target audiences in a meaningful, mutually beneficial manner.

While they are fully aware of what they want to achieve as a result and have made an action plan well in advance, how well do event planners know what their sponsors and exhibitors are looking for? 

Here is what you need to consider to delve into their world.

Community support

The core value of events is that they act as the expression of a community and bring together people with shared ideas, considerations and interests. Thus, the main objective of your event’s sponsors and exhibitors is to gather under one spirited roof, network, learn and have a delightful time. In other words, sponsorship opportunities mirror the support for the represented communities. What sponsors and exhibitors look for is a chance to build stronger business relationships and become part of a holistic community, including partners, suppliers and clients.

Measurable ROI 

Tight budgets and the ever-growing client needs call for efficient and profitable measures, highlighting the demand to go the extra mile for securing the largest return on investment (ROI) possible. There are various tactics and strategies to support your sponsors and exhibitors increase ROI throughout the event’s life cycle. From developing a powerful communication strategy to making the most out of event technology, event planners should find the right tools depending on their targeted market.

Meaningful networking opportunities

True and smart matchmaking can make a world of difference. Reinforce your marketing and communications tactics with facilitating the connection between your sponsors and exhibitors and their target audience. Not only will you help them in increasing ROI, but also you will ensure they are making the most out of your event, leading to a long-term and successful partnership. Technology can help heaps with that through yielding more value from networking opportunities, as well as leave your sponsors and exhibitors with the feeling of an invaluable and worthwhile experience.

Hinging solely on selling sponsorship can get you so far. The key to success is to innovate, connect, educate and engage your sponsors and exhibitors. Whether you are interested in learning more about what they are looking for from your event or how to deliver value to them, our tailored services and proven expertise can help you achieve the desired results. For more information, get in touch with us here.


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