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Event Professionals Basics: VIP Services & Revenue Stream

VIP services for revenue stream

A significant number of your event attendees are looking for exclusive, premiere experiences whether in international or local, large or small-scale events. By offering them a few extra perks, event planners could create new revenue streams by taking their customer experience to the next level. VIP services don’t necessarily need to translate into expensive experiences. The advantage of providing VIP offerings is that event planners can bundle them as they like, depending on their KPIs and goals.

Take a look at how the following special perks could yield a win-win situation both for your attendees and your revenue stream.

VIP receptions

What your attendees, and especially your sponsors and exhibitors, are seeking from events, are meaningful networking opportunities and lead generation. By organising VIP receptions, gala dinners or luncheons, you instantly introduce them to a pool of prospects and potential partners and motivate them to interact with targeted clientele of decision-makers. And, as these gatherings are particularly appealing, it gives you the opportunity to boost your revenue.

Priority seating in key sessions

One of the pillars of pre-event marketing is using your online assets to generate buzz about your event. Even though this requires time, effort and budget investments, it can stir waves of benefits. It can trigger your guest to reserve front-row seats in advance – in exchange of an additional fee, book time with the keynote speakers for private Q&A sessions and hence, enjoy a more exclusive experience.

Special “Quiet Zone” 

For large-scale events, where high attendance is expected, make sure to provide your VIP guests with the option to access quiet areas, where they can decompress, enjoy snacks or beverages, charge their phones, or even do some work on their laptops. This can make a world of difference to their overall experience – and their busy schedule, while adding more to your revenue.

No matter the type of premiere experiences you choose to provide to your special guests, just remember that VIP packages should be mutually beneficial; they should add value for your attendees, but also, they ought to act as revenue drivers for your company or association.

MCI supports you in turning your event, meeting or conference into an experience to remember. Contact us here to find out how we can help you engage and activate your audiences.

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