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The Road to More Climate Friendly Events

Climate friendly events

Deploying green strategies is fundamental to maintain a sustainable environment, but also, event planners can enjoy heaps of benefits that are tightly related these strategies. From a wide perspective, climate friendly events do make good sense for the planet, as they contribute significantly to the reduction of harmful emissions that lead to climate change.

On the other side of the coin, looking through the lens of event professionals, climate friendly events can be a powerful source of acquiring sponsors and exhibitors, and thus, generate additional revenue streams. Adding to that the new pool of possibilities linked to attendee satisfaction and retention, green energy strategies should become an integral part of meetings, events and conferences.

So, what do event planners need to consider for setting off on a greener journey?

Estimate the event carbon footprint

Every single event has its own unique carbon footprint, depending on its size and type. This is due to the use of different sources of energy, such as equipment, venue facilities, air travel, etc. Before delving into the implementation of green strategies, it is crucial to measure the carbon footprint of the event, assess the situation and then look into defining the right solutions;

Develop strategies to reduce emissions

Once the footprint has been estimated, the most appropriate actions to reduce emissions will become evident. Climate friendly events call for effective measures, so start by considering the adoption of hybrid event solutions. Remote participation through virtual events and live streaming can significantly decrease carbon emissions, especially those related to air travel.

Selecting a sustainable destination that facilitates and encourages event planners to employ green strategies should also be a priority. Think about siting the event in a location that uses renewable energy, and you will immediately observe a sharp reduction of the event’s carbon footprint.

In addition, ensure you eliminate any unnecessary energy consumption by carefully planning the power demand and liaise with the venue, staff and contractors to manage the usage of technical equipment. Building strong communication around climate friendly events will help you increase awareness and encourage your partners, suppliers, clients and attendees to follow the same green path!

To discover how MCI can help you design a sustainable event that elevates your brand and exceeds expectations in attendee participation, visit us here.

Also, make sure to visit our sustainability blog for the latest insights and trends.

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