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Technology, Digitization & Event Sustainability

event technology

Today’s reality is anchored by continuous revelations in technology, which urge for their efficient pairing with the growing demand and the need for sustainable products and services. With this in mind, it is important to take a closer look at how these elements are constantly feeding one another, and how that applies to the events industry.

What event planners have infused in their way of working is: interaction, engagement, participation and marketing. But, what is an efficient way to achieve these? Like a light bulb going off, the solution that shines through is digitization.

Digitization is like a gold mine; it is full of unlocked potential, which in lieu of traditional event solutions, makes standing out a lot easier and lot more impressive for attendees. In fact, digitization could go even bigger through revising the event format, and considering a hybrid version, for instance.

Taking into consideration that technology has enriched our industry with exciting innovations, here is a taste of the latest tech tools, which translate into more sustainable solutions:

  • Digital signage: they are often the first thing that catches the attendee’s eye. However, not only does digital signage save event planners from the hassle and costs of printing the signage on time (often having to reprint due to mistakes), it is also much more engaging, interactive and a lot more versatile in use.
  • Event apps: an indispensable part of our daily life, and the perfect way for paperless registration. With a user-friendly app, registration becomes easier and more efficient. It offers access to valuable and accurate data on your attendees and thus, analyzing them creates greater value, since they provide key insights on further improvement.
  • Cloud interpretation: in large-scale events where lots of international delegates are expected to attend, making sure there are enough interpreters onsite add extra travel, accommodation and material costs, not to mention installation booths. With cloud interpretation service providers, simultaneous translation only calls for good internet connection, all the while saving event planners from the extra costs; a sustainable tool that is cost-efficient and reduces CO2 emissions!
  • Projection mapping: one of the most versatile tools to completely transform the event space, while reducing one-time branding resources costs. This technology enables the light-up and projection of different visuals, creating even more immersive experiences for the attendees.
  • Holograms: one the most hot-trending event technologies to save on CO2 emissions, by limiting travel costs, without compromising losing momentum. It can be used in live or recorded speeches, or even in having the speaker address multiple audiences across the globe!

Through shedding some more light on how to use digitization for different purposes, it is gradually becoming more evident how the transition to tech-savvy measures paves the way to more cost-efficient and sustainable events.

To discover how MCI can help you design a sustainable event that elevates your brand and exceeds expectations in attendee participation, visit us here.

Also, make sure to visit our sustainability blog for the latest insights and trends.

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