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Top Tips: Crowd Management for Event Success

Crowd management in events

Crowd management is critical for maximising your event’s impact, as this is shaped through the fostering of an inviting, pleasant and safe environment that encourages networking and entertains. But, what is the right number of event attendees that pushes the ‘need’ for crowd management?

Of course, looking at crowd management only through the prism of event attendance will only give you a limited overview of your event’s needs. It is the combination of attendees, venue and location that will indicate the right actions to eliminate the risk of having overcrowded areas where people might feel uncomfortable, and even worse, less secure.

As broad of a concept as crowd management is, avoid being caught in a whirlpool of daunting responsibilities by considering every aspect and planning your tasks around design, information and management.


Start off by defining the optimum layout of your event and design the most suitable structure preventing potential crowd flows, which can result in unpleasant situations. Carefully identify all the narrow spaces within the venue and its premises, the emergency exits as well as additional facilities, and map out a clear plan that facilitates movement.


Having designed a functional layout taking all aspects into consideration, is not enough to guarantee that all your visitors enjoy a comfortable and welcoming ambiance. They need to be ensured that mobility onsite and within the area is optimised and thought through. For this, it is crucial to communicate all the information they need – such as transportation options, venue location specifications, toilets and food and beverage stations, or emergency exits – prior, as well as during the event. What is important after all, is to invite all visitors to enjoy the experience without worrying about how to navigate around the premises or whether there are any unsafe areas.


Event planners ought to make a careful estimation of the number of staff required to cope with the anticipated amount of visitors, always in line with the type of venue, location and the risk level of unsafe conditions. When appropriate, a liaison with emergency services should be established, to guarantee that all aspects of evacuation situations are well-considered.

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