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Content Capture: True Congress Revenue Driver

Content capture for congress revenue

Keeping up with the changing delegate needs, has been a serious challenge but, at the same time, a significant business opportunity for event professionals. As the focus has shifted from mere attendance to active participation, today’s conferences and congresses are in constant pursuit of the right engagement formula; a formula that will extend the life cycle of the event and drive performance, as well as business growth. This is where content capture and dissemination comes in.

Delegates are now more tech-savvy than ever, demanding remote features and online data repositories at an increasing rate. By taking advantage of such needs, PCOs can rely on the dissemination of high-quality content to further enhance the attendee experience on all event phases.

Content capture and dissemination refers to the recording of educational sessions followed by their online publication in the form of a live webcast or video-on-demand.

By doing so, the benefit is two-fold: on one hand,  making such content available after the congress will significantly extend its life-cycle, and on the other it contributes to your delegates’ higher engagement rate. Moreover, content dissemination services allow delegates to access sessions they may have missed, or simply review the sessions and available content that are most relevant to them, whenever they want.

In addition, consider generating further revenue through giving your congress’ delegates the possibility to purchase recorded content throughout the event’s life cycle, whereas non-delegates can purchase recorded content post event.

Is content capture and dissemination the right fit for your congress or event?

What should event planners consider before delving into developing such a content strategy?

And last but not least, what other benefits can your organisation reap?

Find all the answers, plus more insights on why a content capture and dissemination strategy is a must-have in MCI’s thought leadership paper here

Whether you are looking for ways to uplift the overall experience, boost engagement or activate your audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. For more visit us here.

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