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Social Media Touchpoints for Your Next Event

event social media strategy

Social media use is one of the core elements that should not be neglected by event planners, whether making an effort to garner awareness for an event, push online registration, or engage audiences through attention-grabbing content. Social media practically serves the same cause as event planning as they are aiming at sparking interest and stimulating interactions; an intricate form of ‘art’ that can play a significant part to your overall results, depending on how you choose to make use of it.

Here are some key points on using social media to your event planning process to reflect on:

Social Media Dos

Encourage engagement. Uplift the live event experience by inviting your attendees to go online, get active, interact, and share their stories with their audiences. Engagement is a two-way street, so make sure you respond to your target audience’s interactions and reciprocate.

Link your social media strategy to your main event website. Even though social media channels can often act as stand-alone fortresses for your communication strategy, linking them to your event website and aligning your posts to your website’s content can further enhance the impact on your audience.

Always measure the impact. Having an active social media profile is key toward increasing audience engagement, however, you must always look at the post analytics to gain a deeper understanding of their true value. All platforms now offer a detailed overview of your posts’ audience, demographics and engagement rates, so make sure you always stay on top of such figures to re-evaluate your communication strategy along the way.

Social Media Don’ts

Get too excited with the use of #hashtags. Hashtags are very helpful to drive the right audience to your posts, however, try not to get too carried away. Make targeted, specific hashtag decisions depending on your audience and event theme and allow them to act as powerful keywords for your content.

Limit yourself to one channel. In this hype digital era, your highly socially engaged attendees will be looking at multiple social channels throughout the day. Automation apps can help you streamline your content for multiple channels and receive maximum engagement through all available – and meaningful for your audience and type of event – platforms.

Churn the same content all over again. Even though repetition is the mother of learning, delivering the same content to your audience can be exhausting. Keep them active and engaged with fresh content, let them see that you have something new to say and prevent your content from becoming stale. 

Find more tips and inspiration here.

Whether you are interested in enhancing the overall event experience, boosting participants’ engagement or activating your target audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. For more, visit us here.

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