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Event Professionals Basics: Timing in Event Planning

Timing in event planning

Is “better late than ever” even an option in event planning? While opinions may vary, the truth is that timing is a key factor that contributes to an event’s success. In terms of choosing the right moment for employing the selected marketing & communication strategies, or when planning ahead to structure your tasks and activities more efficiently, timing can be an event planner’s both friend and foe.

So, now that we have established that time is of the essence for all event planning phases, let’s have a closer look on the steps to take for making the best out of it:

Prioritise & schedule

Every individual has their own productivity style. Irrespective of the weight of your workload, it is crucial to identify how you like to work and which environment motivates you best. Only then will you be able to reach your full potential and deliver maximum value. The second step is to prioritise your responsibilities and schedule your tasks. This is not a walk in the park, but there are a few tips and tricks to set you off to a good start.

Be proactive

In the pursuit of attendee satisfaction and retention, one of the problems event planners are facing is overwhelming participants with the same old routine. Realising that client and attendee needs evolve over time, it is paramount to develop new strategies that will lay the foundations for longer engagement. By doing so, you minimise the risks of dealing with unexpected challenges, such as struggling to secure last-minute attendance or fighting till the last minute to fill up empty exhibition space. Choosing the right time prior to your events can save you a lot of energy and resources, while giving you the opportunity to establish a dynamic and continuous conversation with your stakeholders. Subsequently, this ongoing communication will allow you to create a dedicated community, increase your brand’s awareness and generate the much-desired buzz around your initiatives.

Add a hybrid element

When dealing with last minute requests that throw you off-schedule especially in terms of attendance, going hybrid can solve your travel, accommodation, food & beverage and capacity issues. Blending live streaming features with your face-to-face meetings and events can streamline your entire event planning process, but also, it can help you generate additional revenue streams by allowing you to expand your reach worldwide.


Whether you are interested in enhancing the overall event experience, boosting participants’ engagement or activating your target audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. For more visit us here.

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