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Event Trends of 2017 Becoming the Norm in 2018

future event trends

It has been evident throughout 2017 that disruptive event technologies are the main factors that attribute to event management from A to Z as well as higher audience engagement rates. In the same context, the past decade has seen the rise of social media use in the events sphere, while pioneering tech tools keep surfacing, leading to new opportunities for expanding the target audience base and creating more revenue sources for businesses.

With this in mind and with 2018 at our doorstep, what are the key event trends to discover more about for incorporating to a successful event management strategy?

The time of hype-personalisation

Personalisation is hardly a new trend, however still considered as a fundamental element of increasing engagement and impact. As data gathering processes get more and more seamless and sophisticated, event planners have access to a vast amount of information 24/7. Thus, they can capitalise on these easily attainable pieces of information to deliver personalised offerings, from marketing activities, to registration and overall event experiences.

Furthermore, these data can also be used to predict audience expectations, for advertising events and service offerings to extremely targeted niches and for real-time interactions by stimulating meaningful conversations.

Even tech brings out an even bigger ‘wow’

We have already seen virtual & augmented reality making their way into events, drones stealing the spotlight and robots adding an extra flair during events. While ground-breaking technologies will keep being in the centre of attention, smaller tech tricks can still have a big impact.

For instance, most event attendees, if not all, are actively  using their smartphones. This means that centralising their experience around their smartphones is of utmost importance, enabling event planners to turn specific profile needs to valuable experience offerings. Under this framework, mobile apps are and will continue to be a core component of the overall attendee experience, granting access to event content, helping attendees get around and -of course- facilitating networking.

Live experiences will do the trick

Aiming at reaching larger audiences by eliminating geographical boarders, live streaming has already become the most favourable solution. Whether through dedicated event portals or through most of the trending social media platforms, online audiences can enjoy sessions, presentations and other content in high quality behind their screens. Opening up your event content to a wider audience by promoting e-participation, will continue to deliver great value.

At MCI, we are constantly optimising our services in alignment with the latest event trends. We help our clients deliver impactful meetings and events for engaging and activating their audiences.

Contact us here to find out how we can help.

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