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Tech Landscape In Today’s Meetings & Events

Event tech landscape

Technology and the ways it is shaping the meeting & events industry has been a topic of extensive discussion among industry professionals in the past years. It comes as no surprise that the rise of immersive technologies forges change, urging planners to embrace innovation and blend it smoothly in design and production. As we are getting ready to leave 2017 behind, it seems that time is right to take a moment and reflect on the event tech landscape; assess the past, understand the present and start planning the future.

In the pursuit of higher attendee engagement, event experiences have become more personalised. Subsequently, event technology has become more targeted and specialised to facilitate specific sets of needs. Looking at this from a wider perspective, these are the main areas that shape today’s tech landscape:

  • Event planning process
  • Audience engagement and activation
  • Operational excellence
  • Venues and event spaces

In retrospect, we have witnessed remarkable results in attendance once online – and onsite – registration was backed by digital tools. The shift to digital registration results in shortened queues, in most cases from one hour to five minutes and enabled event exhibitors to track the number of visitors to their booths using rented barcode scanners. Customised registration platforms that enable efficient data gathering processes, smart badges for onsite registration, even facial recognition, have paved the way for greater engagement and enhanced experiences; all with a personalised touch.

While mobile apps dominate the world of events, especially when it comes to optimising networking and making content available to participants even if they are not on-site, the main pillar of success is engagement technology. Live streaming and live polls are both indicative examples of how this technology can capture your guests’ attention and trigger them to actively participate.

Outstanding innovations like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are gradually getting fully immersed in the meetings & events industry, foretelling that 2018 will see more of such technologies, especially in terms of maximising impact and elevating audiences experiences.

Therefore, 2018 is bound to follow a similar path; inspiring event planners to incorporate immersive technologies while ensuring experiences are highly customised and impactful through smart innovations, seamless processes and meaningful networking opportunities.

At MCI, we are using technology in alignment with the key needs and goals that organisations require in order to deliver impactful conferences for engaging and activating their audiences. Contact us here to find out how we can help.

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