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Online Stakeholder Engagement Made Simple

online stakeholder engagement

Whilst most associations acknowledge the significance of a potent online stakeholder engagement strategy, how many of them use specific KPIs to measure impact and success? Moreover, how many are actually following it through rather than just using it as a catchword?

Due to the rise of digital capabilities and adaptation of technology within a highly competitive association landscape, traditional methods and tactics of measuring engagement are turning obsolete. With this in mind, take a moment to reflect on the below necessary steps for developing an impactful stakeholder engagement strategy that will work wonders towards improving communication and interaction with your audiences.

Have you identified who your stakeholders are? Is your online stakeholder engagement strategy aligned to your association objectives? And ultimately, what would your return on investment be?

The next step is to choose the right tools for the job:

Your ally, called ‘Social media’ 

For a number of associations, social media can still be a bit difficult to get familiar with. As social media platforms progress and evolve, they change how associations reach out to, engage with and target their audiences. Nevertheless, social media still embody a great asset; a two-way conversation between stakeholders.

Real-time interactions with stakeholders, increased brand awareness, as well as strong – and active – online communities are only some of the benefits from weaving a dynamic social media presence into the overall communications strategy. In addition, hashtags can further help you target your messaging even more, linking it to specific interests and allowing the vast online audience identify your key offerings more easily.

There is no effective social media strategy without high-quality content. Social platforms are the go-to channels to tell a story and engage your stakeholders, blending insights with emotions.

Online portals – your ticket to meaningful interactions

Hubs or portals can work wonders, as they help associations build relationships and drive better results in growth and engagement. Not only do they facilitate discussions and interactions, but also they optimise networking. If you add the integration of other programs and systems into the mix, you can actually develop a powerful tool to streamline and track participation, and thus engagement.

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