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Top Tips: Dealing With Negative Feedback Online

negative feedback

The chances of receiving negative feedback increase when embarking on social media and consequently getting global exposure to a wide online audience;  and this can often be intimidating.

One thing that can make negative feelings grow exponentially, is choosing to engage only with part of your audience who have positive comments. Whilst interacting with your warm supporters is key towards increasing their engagement at your event and subsequently with your brand, dealing accordingly with negative feedback is a true opportunity in disguise. In fact, negative comments may actually come from those who care and value most your events, giving your team the ability to extract invaluable information for future improvement from their discontent.

Although denial seems to be the easy way out, take a moment to address negative feedback and work towards turning it into meaningful actions that can only make your event better. Here are a few tips to set you off to a good start:

Address the issue, but don’t do everything in public.

Sometimes, negative event feedback might seem inconsequential. Nevertheless, the social power of a scorned attendee should not be underestimated. Ignoring this type of feedback won’t make the challenge go away – in fact it can further strengthen it. There is a fine line between being open about an issue and prolonging an extensive dialogue online. Aside from the fact that the conversation might get sidetracked by other people trying to interrupt or somehow get involved, it also doesn’t underline a personal feel. So, once you reply on their feedback online and acknowledge the issue, take things to a more private setting. This will enable both sides to be more forthcoming and open, in order to work quickly and efficiently towards a solution.

Be personal, polite and communicate the problem along with an explanation or solution.

While acknowledging a problematic situation is the first step towards its solution, it is crucial to provide explanation and details of what went wrong and why. In this way, you will help your attendees understand the root of the issue and see that you have every intention of fixing it.

Be proactive in answering questions before issues arise.

Often, negative feedback stems from uncertainty or miscommunication. Having FAQs with answers in place, can save you time, especially in cases where you need to answer the same individual questions in repeat.

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