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3 Surefire Ways to Increase Booth Engagement

booth engagement

If attracting attendees to an exhibition booth is tricky, increasing booth engagement is an even greater challenge. It requires creativity, thorough planning and, of course, tech awareness. There might be numerous tools and tactics to deliver value to your sponsors and exhibitors, however, it is imperative to match the right practice with the right requirements. This way you can support them in making the most of their investment.

As no one wants to remember trudging through an uneventful exhibition hall collecting brochures! Give attendees a reason to remember your exhibitor’s booth for offering them an enjoyable, innovative experience. Here are 3 ways to make it happen.

Gamification and friendly competition

One of the perks of event technology is that fresh, innovative ways to engage with attendees constantly become available. Gamification is a brilliant way to get people excited about visiting your stand and increasing booth engagement. Also, it is a fantastic opportunity to create a unique experience that your attendees are bound to remember. Gamification apps and contests are great means to create friendly competition, stimulate conversations as well as networking and ensure that on the exhibition floor your booth is the one people talk about. These playful competitions will eventually help you effectively communicate your message; all you need to do is make them as relevant as possible with your product or brand.

Interactive demonstrations and video wall content

Even though they are not new to the industry, touch screens for live demonstrations are powerful tools in the hands of sponsors and exhibitors. Especially in regards to complex or larger products, touch technology constitutes the perfect way to demonstrate product models that can’t fit into a limited exhibition space. Plus, such technology is a phenomenal eye catcher! And speaking of tools that help you attract attention to the booth, video walls are the way to go. Live demonstrations, social media feed, contest results, activity schedule; you name it! Video walls are undeniably great means to draw attention and enhance booth engagement.

Advertising space on an event mobile app

With the looming adoption of event apps, another surefire way to improve footfall, and hence increase booth engagement, is to purchase advertising space on the event app. This way you ensure the brand gets precious visibility amongst target audience, potential clients and the press. After all, sponsors and exhibitors continuously seek meaningful networking and exposure opportunities, granting them not only further engagement, but also access to valuable data. A weak or unfortunate promotional message certainly adds no further value so it has to be carefully thought-through and pass on the right information!

Whether you are interested in learning more about what your sponsors are looking for or how to deliver value to them, our tailored services and proven expertise can help you achieve the desired results. For more information, get in touch with us here.

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