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Simple Tactics To Boost Your Post-Event Feedback

Post-event feedback

Did your audience find value in the event they attended? Was it worth their investment of time and resources and are they willing to participate again? Are there areas for improvement? Post-event feedback gives answers to all these crucial questions and this is why it is a strong tool in the hands of event planners who want to deliver value and experiences of the highest standards.

Steer clear of conventional methods of collecting post-event feedback and consider the following tips that will help you add a more creative flair and increase their effectiveness.

Make It More Interactive

With increasing engagement and impact in mind, event planners focus on incorporating interactivity in as many parts of the event as possible. From pre-event marketing, to onsite registration and content, employing interactive tactics to enhance the experience is vital to achieve maximum impact. Especially bearing in mind that almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone, it becomes easier to utilise technology and digital tools to connect in a meaningful way. Choosing from a wide pool of possibilities, including digital surveys, real-time polls and gamification, event planners are one step closer to a non-conservative post-event feedback session.

Think about adding elements that will allow your audience to directly – and easily – leave feedback about the program, sessions and their whole experience without having to fill out exhaustive forms. As emojis are taking over the digital world, how about creating buttons that participants can tap to express how they feel about different parts of the experience and the event? You can even elevate this tactic by throwing social media into the mix and inviting attendees to take part in social media polls or react to your posts by tapping on emojis.

Create Dialogue

Post-event feedback should not a one-way street. It adds much greater value once it is part of meaningful and ongoing conversations, which ultimately reveal the event’s real impact.

Encouraging meaningful conversations can be challenging and that’s why it’s hard to perfect. However, the rise of digital tools, social media and online platforms allows conversations to thrive, yielding a significant amount of information. Participants need a platform to express their feeling and thoughts about the event, and be stimulated to leave their input. This is where interactivity can be your strongest ally, as it helps you generate engaging conversations, actively involve attendees in giving post-event feedback and makes them part of your future strategies for improvement.

Since the vast majority of companies and associations has already embarked on social media, hence they have gained strong global exposure, the chances of occasionally receiving negative feedback increase. Even though this might feel intimidating, take some time to thank your critics for their input and let them know you are willing to consider their suggestions in order to improve in the future.

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