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Cyber Security And The MICE Industry- Interview with Vincent Jentjens

cyber security interview

Falling victim of a cyber-attack is an eminent concern that baffles all event planners while delivering events. Especially on account of the automation of an increasing number of planning and management processes, we are witnessing a growing volume of event data being shared and moving to ‘the cloud’ making cyber security a primary focus.

In an interview with Ovation Global DMC, Vincent Jentjens, a cyber security guru from the University of Amsterdam, explains how cyber security is shaping today’s MICE industry. In particular, Vincent discusses what security means for companies and associations within an era of cyberwar, and describes the steps towards safeguarding events.

Thinking of when and not whether they will be hacked, companies cannot ensure 100% security, however they can still undertake all the necessary measures to shield their systems and data from potential threats. From proper and up-to-date IT security to regular controls, companies can already make it harder for hackers to find their way into their systems.

“Without awareness and education, employees will always represent the weakest link”, explains Vincent. In reality, most companies regard cyber security as an IT issue and overlook that employees can be a hacker’s easy entry point. That said, it is the successful combination of technologies and education that will allow companies to continuously stay secure from cyber threats.

With cyber crime becoming a fast-growing phenomenon, how can you spot your company’s weakest links in order to best safeguard security? And how does the future of the MICE industry look like in terms of cyber security? Read the full interview of Vincent Jentjens here and get a better understanding of the world of cyber security.

About Vincent Jentjens: In 2007 Vincent and his business partner, Hans de Vries, decided to found the Security Academy with the aim of providing the Dutch market with high-quality security and continuous training. Due to their dedication, the Security Academy has become a leading educational institution in cyber security, privacy and data protection, as well as crisis management in the Netherlands.

For over 25 years, MCI has been crafting tailored solutions and services to help companies in this high-growth, high-risk industry, tackle its fast changing priorities. Get in touch with us here.

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