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Event Professionals Basics: Re-signing Event Sponsors

Event sponsors

Your event is over and the battle for contracting sponsors for the next one begins. Starting the re-signing process early on is imperative, so ensure that your event sponsors do not leave before meeting with you, as securing the first sign-offs during the course of your event is a great head start!

Of course, keeping your event sponsors happy and making sure that they will re-sign is no easy feat; however there are several key areas for consideration to help you achieve the desirable results: 

Show them ROI

It all comes down to return on investment. A sponsor is going to calculate their own ROI and determine the value of signing with you, but event planners can always support this process by customising their offering to maximise ROI. From helping them build stronger relationships with their audiences and networking with key industry players, to gaining greater exposure off- and online, event planners have higher chances of re-signing sponsors once they show they are true partners in success.

Find their soft spot

If one word encapsulates the purpose of sponsoring an event, this word is value. Whether it terms of networking with the market players or increasing sponsorship revenue, delivering value to your event sponsors should be high priority, especially if you are looking to re-sign them for future events. What they are keenly seeking is the right solution to their challenges and problems in a cost-effective approach. So, giving them access to a particular market niche and granting them exposure to their target audience, they are more than likely to sign again – proving in a way that you do understand their biggest challenges and strive towards figuring out what they find valuable. 

Your sponsors want to be WOW-ed

What would happen to your attendance, if you kept on offering the same experiences over and over again? Most likely, they won’t think of attending an exhaustive repetition of past editions. The same applies to your sponsors. Even though a few might be content with the same old format, most sponsors want to be part of innovative experiences, which sport a refreshing twist and are bound to keep the audience inspired. 

To sum up, the key to re-signing your event sponsors is to innovate, connect, educate and engage. Whether you are interested in learning more about what they are looking for from your event or how to deliver value to them, our tailored services and proven expertise can help you achieve the desired results. For more information, get in touch with us here.

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