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How to Promote Your Event Online on a Strict Budget

online promotion under budget

Finding the right ways to promote your event online and within a strict budget is a baffling process. Especially in terms of determining which marketing strategy would work best and which one would ensure the greatest ROI, the challenges can exponentially increase. For these reasons, it is necessary to try new marketing tactics, track progress and extract key learnings for future improvement.

The issue with this ‘trial-and-error’ method is that it might blow up your marketing budget. Before rushing into a costly strategy, here are a few affordable ideas for online promotion; the results may amaze you!

How strong is your email marketing?

As a promotion technique, email marketing can drive remarkable results on an annual basis. From offering your potential attendees exclusive information about the event, speakers and content, to granting them early access to insights, email campaigns can help you stay ahead of the game without blowing up your marketing budget right from the start. You only need to craft a strong, personalised message and then let one of the numerous emailing automation tools do the hard work.

You might use social media, but do you use it to its fullest? 

Posting a few posts on social media every now and then is merely enough to yield maximum results. Leverage the impact of visuals and infographics; create and share insightful and eye-catching visual representations of information which highlight the benefits and value of your event to receive immediate interactions.

Tap into your existing network!

You already have a great pool of people ready to promote your event than you may realise. Colleagues, vendors, sponsors, speakers and past attendees can all help you promote your event in a cost-effective manner. Make sure you are all aligned to a unified message and invite them to share their thoughts and anticipation about the event with their own networks. 

Harness the power of blogging.

Experienced event professionals are well aware of the ins-and-outs of an event. This expertise is a goldmine of insights and information, which can be particularly compelling for your audience to read through. Devote some time in writing a few blog articles that offer different perspectives of event planning and engagement to those interested. Adding to that, liaise with your guest speakers and incorporate their knowledge and quotes into your articles to enhance your content and trigger them to promote it amongst their peers.

Whether you are interested in learning more about what they are looking for from your event or how to deliver value to them, our tailored services and proven expertise can help you achieve the desired results. For more information, get in touch with us here.

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