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Troop MCI: Making Safe & Healthy Choices One Badge at a Time


MCI USA’s Health & Safety Committee introduced the first-ever Troop MCI Challenge running from October to December 2017. The purpose? To encourage talents to earn recognition for their health and safety efforts at home and in the office, with a chance to win awesome prizes.

Show Your Stuff. Get the badge. Scout’s Honor.

With five categories to choose from, talents worked hard to earn merit badges in physical fitness, nutrition, personal wellness/self-care, sustainability, and safety home/office. Scout Masters awarded badges to MCI USA “scouts” who reached their goals by sharing the activities they completed in each category. Scouts went to the gym, ate healthily, received flu shots, took public transportation, checked batteries in their smoke detectors, learned where the office first aid kit was located and did so much more.

The response was overwhelmingly positive in the office. Congratulations to our top scouts, Christine Libonati* and Jessica Smith. Christine and Jessica went above and beyond in the challenge to take home the top prizes. Let’s hear it for the healthiest and safest talents at MCI USA! Congratulations, Scouts!

*Important note: Christine broke both of her wrists in early summer, but with her awesome attitude and healthy lifestyle, bounced back quickly enough to climb mountains in August and win the Troop MCI Challenge in December.

Next Up: We’re Walking to Dallas

MCI USA is now participating in the American Public Health Association’s 1 Billion Steps Challenge for the second year in a row.  This year, we are going to walk enough collective steps to visit our new office in Dallas. We’ll be walking for a total of  12 weeks until April 8, 2018.

To make registering easy, we created a new team and are keeping the same name we had last year: MCI USA’s Wellness Warriors.

We have set an ambitious team goal of walking 10 million collective steps! With 103 of us walking a minimum of 5,000 steps per day over a 12 week period, we will be able to reach (and surpass) our goal in no time.


If taking steps to become healthier wasn’t enough, we are sweetening the deal. We will announce amazing surprises for the top steppers in the weeks to come. Stay tuned…

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