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Content Impact Ensuring ROI Maximization

Content impact

Content marketing’s capabilities in increasing brand awareness and ultimately drive more attention to offered business services, is not something new. The need for resources to be spent on brainstorming, producing, publishing and promoting your content is also widely known; however there is something that is most probably not considered as ‘common knowledge’ within the marketing community: High engagement (measured in likes, shares, comments, etc.) with your content does not necessarily mean positive ROI.

Although there are numerous tactics to ensure increase of your ROI from content, we will focus on two main areas that will not only help you measure impact, but also to simplify and/or improve your content production process:

Focus on one or two channels

It is all about quality, not quantity – in other words, focus on creating high-quality, tailored content that relates to a specific target audience and don’t spend resources in trying to promote it everywhere on the internet. Having content all over the online sphere could potentially turn against you, as the audiences on different channels and platforms behave and consume information differently. Content that may be engaging on one channel isn’t necessarily as impactful on another channel, where the audience has different expectations. Identify the platforms where you key targets are, understand their behaviour and focus on these.

Support your content with promotion

If great content is a key element of engagement, promotion is equally substantial. The trick, though, is to keep it consistent. Even if you run an amazing campaign to promote your content for a week or two, you will certainly witness a good spike in traffic, but it will quickly die down. Keep your promotional pushes frequent, track results, adjust to your audience and always improve. Trial and error in promotion is sometimes necessary to find the right formula. And keep in mind, there is no rule that indicates you can only promote new content. If you are looking to maximise ROI, you most likely need to look into your old content as well, and re-purpose as you see fit!

Delivering high quality content to your attendees, as well as focusing on the most suitable platforms that reinforce communication is a big step towards building trust, loyalty and increasing engagement.

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