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How is Digitization Shaping the Way We Experience Events?

Digitization in the events industry

Delivering memorable and outstanding experiences is an event professional’s overarching goal. What may challenge this goal is the rise of personal devices and continuous connectivity especially for many traditional companies which may find themselves at odds with the modern digital era. However the booming wave of digitization is a great opportunity in the hands of event professionals who strive for interactionengagement and participation.

Digitization is full of unlocked potential, which makes standing out a lot easier and a lot more impressive for attendees. Of course, there is no shortage of tips on how to engage remote audiences and efficiently adapt to new digital technologies and there are numerous cases which highlight the benefits of such technologies.

Before embracing digitization wholeheartedly , take a moment to think about the way it is shaping the way we experience events.

Digitization and sustainability

From digital signage and event apps to projection mapping and holograms, sustainability and digitization are very much connected. Such technologies are strong tools, which can translate into sustainable solutions, while creating a vibrant onsite experience for the attendees. By deploying digital means for registration and marketing event professionals embrace a paperless way of working, reducing waste and costs linked to materials and printing. Moreover, the adoption of cloud technologies is more than just a buzzword. Their unique characteristic to scale resources (computing power, bandwidth, storage, etc.) elastically depending on needs is a key driver towards sustainability. Cloud-based services can automatically control and optimise resource use and hence you can more efficiently utilize physical resources, as well as significantly reduce energy consumption in comparison with the traditional IT approach.

Interactions are as rich and real-time as ever

Thanks to digitization, attendees can leave their honest, real-time feedback about the event. Their feedback is a goldmine of information, allowing event professionals to learn from every single experience, identify areas for improvement and maintain a continuous dialogue with target attendees. The benefits of such an immediacy show in the overall  success, as by incorporating clever digital evaluation steps into the event strategy, your attendees feel heard of and appreciated.

Seamless logistics, leaving more room for creativity

A digitally supporting event planning is easier and more streamlined than ever. By using digital tools to automate processes, track procedures and schedule activities event planners can now focus on amplifying the attendee experience through creativity and innovation, and stop being absorbed by logistics and day-to-day time consuming tasks.

As the events industry is gradually adopting all things digital, event professionals become more and more equipped to track results, performance and gain deeper insights on diverse attendee criteria. This is fundamental to have a better understanding of how to engage audiences and ultimately to achieve success.

At MCI, we are using technology in alignment with the key messaging that companies and organisations alike need to deliver high quality content, good networking opportunities and promote interactivity for engaging and activating their audiences. Contact us here to find out how we can help.

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