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Email Marketing Checklist For Maximum Results

Email marketing

Whether you seek to promote your event, increase registration, brand engagement or create social buzz, email marketing when executed right can be a powerful and very effective tool for spreading your message across your target audience and boosting engagement towards your brand or organisation. Focusing on the bigger picture – the benefits – is crucial for understanding the importance of such a marketing activity, but at the same time, it is relatively easy to get it wrong.

Before starting sending out mass emails to prospects and your target audience, take a moment to wrap your head around email marketing and make sure you consider the following must-dos. 

Not everything is for everyone

Building your email list can be a challenge. It may have taken you a lot of time and energy to gather your contacts, but this doesn’t mean they all want to be talked to the exact same way – even in their communication via emails. In order to provide meaningful content that they are certainly interested in – and hence drive them to take action – you need to segment your database based on location, interests and how engaged they already are with your organisation. Personalise your message as much as possible, send them content that answers specific challenges or addresses their needs and then just enjoy the conversation!

Don’t overwhelm with information

In an effort to create a compelling story, you may fall into the trap of creating a long and text-heavy email. Most likely, this won’t bring the results you were aiming for and more damagingly, you will see no action. Your emails need to focus on one engaging piece of content and include a clear call to action. Whether you want to encourage recipients to register, visit your website or contact you, the call to action must be simple and the sentences brief. Also remember, many people read their emails on their mobile phones, so identify the right length and format to create a crispy, mobile-friendly email!

Test, track, improve and repeat

This is the most important take-home message! Don’t hesitate to apply changes to your emails if you don’t receive the desired reactions. Try different send times, visuals, subject lines, layouts and calls to action. Testing all these elements and tracking performance will help you determine what is not working and what the right format should be. Focus on testing one element at a time and monitor the impact on the results.

Keep in mind that email marketing takes time and requires dedicated attention. So does crafting the right message that resonates with the recipients. However, once you get it right, your efforts will be rewarded with increased open rates, downloads and general engagement, which is after all the most-desired outcome. Interested in more tips and tricks to enhance your marketing strategy and drive business results? Read more here.

Whether you are looking for ways to uplift the overall experience, boost engagement or activate your audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. For more visit us here.

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