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Event Professionals Basics: The Rise Of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing

We live in the time where virtually everything, from daily grocery shopping to grand trade shows is all about experiences; the pressure is on for companies and brands to go the extra mile for differentiating their marketing strategy from competition. How can they do that? The key lies in experiential marketing; addressing customer demands through more strategic, creative and immersive experience programmes.

Indeed, events now have an experiential core, which is absolutely necessary to attract, activate and engage the right audience. They are and should be viewed by organisers and participants alike as more than just platforms for sharing knowledge and business cards. Events need to include interactive and personalised elements, which will assist in creating meaningful and exclusive moments.

Capturing defining moments

Even though there is no set way to effectively approach experiential marketing, it all comes down to creating concepts for immersing attendees in unique experiences. After all, what they crave for is memorable moments and personalised offerings. Today’s audiences don’t simply want to consume content and pass their time with bland conversations. They desire to be inspired, educated and enlightened. This is exactly why events and experiential marketing go hand in hand; the combination creates the right formula of defining and enduring moments, which ultimately engage the audience physically and emotionally. Whether online, physical or hybrid, personalised interactions, intuitive apps and WOW moments are critical to success, as they enable audiences move seamlessly amongst all formats.

Engaging and amplifying the 5 senses

While capturing these extraordinary moments is a crucial compound of live communications and experiential marketing, engaging and enhancing the 5 senses is what helps brands create stories that are emotionally gripping. By nature, humans react to all sorts of stimuli; taste, sight, hearing, touch and smell. These senses do not only allow us to receive sensory information, but they also influence our decision making process, since they shape the way people perceive information and experience the environment around them. Therefore, a defining experience is the mastery of activating the audience during an event, resulting in full engagement or behavioural change. The key here is to find the right formula that stimulates those senses and brings your audience closer to the experience. 

At MCI, we ‘re all about creating experiences,  and therefore launched the MCI Experience; a collaborative initiative which is designed to bring together a dedicated team of leading brand experience, marketing, creative, design and technology professionals. Read more about this exciting development here.

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