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What’s Next For Events? Sponsorship Trends For 2018

Sponsorship trends

Aside from being significant sources of revenue, partnering with the right event sponsor can give you an edge against competition and take your attendees’ experience to the next level. In 2018, a mixture of sponsorship trends are set to transform event sponsorship into becoming a strong marketing channel, increasing engagement and driving business results.

Experiential is poised to dominate the market

Events have now an experiential core, absolutely necessary to attract, activate and engage the right audiences. And it is experiential marketing that helps event professionals address customer demands through more strategic, creative and immersive experiences. Thus, experiential marketing is exponentially becoming a bigger priority for companies, bringing experiences to life, stimulating the five senses and allowing consumers to create an emotional bond with a brand’s product or service.

Never stop customising your branding

If attracting attendees to your booth is tricky, increasing booth engagement is an even more difficult task. What can a sponsor or exhibitor do? Tailored branding options and theme-specific photo booth backdrops are delivering high return on investment for sponsors who are seeking to offer something unique and captivating, that will eventually entertain visitors and drive results for their business. Moreover, photo booths are always an impactful experiential marketing solution, as they allow for the creation of customised and interactive activations.

It all comes down to ROI

With more and more companies setting up strong marketing departments to address client demand, sponsors and exhibitors are continuously seeking greater return on investment. Without a doubt, events and tradeshows require a big spend on the brand’s behalf, so the need to prove substantial ROI becomes even more eminent.

Of course when it comes to sponsorship trends, event technology will keep on being in the spotlight and solving some of the biggest hurdles event marketers face for years to come. Whether it’s through videos, virtual experiences, augmented reality or holograms, the need to find new and inspiring ways to connect with audiences will never cease to exist.

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