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Top 5 Tips to Build Relationships With Congress Attendees

congress attendees and members relationships

What will make an event memorable? If content is key, one of the elements of an impactful congress strategy is the strong relationships that are established between members and congress attendees. Depending on the audience profile and the attendees’ needs and expectations, various approaches can be implemented.

Here are a few ideas!
1. Use education as a tool for building relationships:
Make educational sessions more interactive and engaging with roundtable discussions and think-write-share exercises. Members and congress attendees share best practices and experience and build business relationships.
2. Facilitate dialogue with games:
Stimulate creativity and leadership in a fun and casual environment with gamification, hackathons or team-building activities, such as escape rooms or cooking groups. Members and attendees interact during the game and build even stronger relationships if a prize is offered.
3. Give back to the community and raise the organisation’s profile:
Members and attendees participate jointly in a fund-raising event or project and develop a feeling of camaraderie.
4. Be the matchmaker:
Improve the quality of networking by looking at attendees’ data analytics to pique curiosity and facilitate the creation of special-interest groups, mixing members and attendees.
5. Introduce tutoring programmes:
Build interest and engagement in the organisation with volunteer members or long-time attendees responsible for tutoring new attendees.

The full article authored by MCI Group’s Programme Manager Nuria Codina was published in the latest issue of MCI’s owned publication for association news and global trends, FOCUS magazine. Download your free copy and get more insights on the most suitable ways to improve engagement, as well as the areas for further consideration here.

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