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Top Tips: How To Use Webinar Marketing For Engagement

webinar marketing

Webinar marketing can become your new best friend if you are seeking an impactful way of reaching out to your audience for: sharing insights, promote your expertise, gain online visibility or helping to establish your company as a thought leader.

The ‘power’ of webinars lies in their capability of building trust with prospects and targeted audience. Therefore, in order to be effective and successful, you need to fully understand why you are running a specific webinar, tailor your topic to fit your viewers needs and of course, set measurable, realistic goals for final assessment.

Pre & post activation

The webinar doesn’t start and end with your presentation slides. In order to maximise engagement and ROI, you need to communicate it to your attendees on two levels; pre and post. A pre-webinar strategy calls for tailored email campaigns, which will help you create buzz around your topic, generate registrations, stimulate anticipation of what will be discussed and act as a save-the-date reminder.

Now, a post-webinar campaign should focus on feedback and content. As you ideally want your attendees to continue learning beyond the webinar, send them your presentation, links with relevant content and additional resources where they can get more insights. Run a survey to collect feedback and take their suggestions on how to improve for the future.

Content strategy boost

As content marketing is the foundation for many online marketing strategies, numerous companies and associations turn to webinars for good content. Webinars are a primary tactic for entering the online content game and offer great opportunities for content dissemination and repurposing, in order to extend the life of your webinar and keep in touch with your audience.

While these are key elements when developing a webinar marketing strategy, don’t neglect to focus on the actual webinar session itself. Take a look at the following best practices to ensure your webinar is a surefire success.

  • Most likely your audience want to learn something useful by attending your webinar and not purchase, so be educational and insightful, don’t just focus on sales. Identify interesting and up-to-date topics, as they are bound to be far more compelling than ones that have already done their rounds.
  • Further explain the theory and your ideas with personal stories, simple examples and case studies. In this way, your message will resonate to your audience, and hence taking action will be far easier.
  • Q&A is a must-have. Webinar is not a one-way lecture, so allow your audience to express their thoughts, ask questions and interact with you. It is the most effective way to increase their engagement and ensure long-lasting impact.
  • Keep in mind, not all registrants will actually attend. So, make sure you record the webinar and disseminate content for those who didn’t manage to attend; a simple gesture which guarantees engagement.

Are you interested in webinar marketing? Whether you are looking for ways to uplift the overall experience, boost engagement or activate your audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. For more visit us here.

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