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How to Revive a Congress Format Steeped In Tradition

revive congress format

Is there a way to balance tradition with refreshing twists and draw a congress away from its stale or old-fashioned status? As stagnation is a fast train to declining attendee numbers, it is paramount to freshen things up occasionally, not only to revive your congress format but also to restore engagement. Having access to comprehensive reporting is a prerequisite, and once you put your hands on congress data, it becomes much easier to uncover your delegates’ desires and identify patterns in behaviour that will drive greater engagement.

As much as traditional or conventional congresses may be considered, it is not wise to disregard your entire congress format and start from scratch. The opportunity lies in adding small and yet distinctive touches, balancing tradition with new elements. Think beyond the expected and allow your congresses to feature elements that attendees would be impressed to experience.

Ask your members and delegates

Whether you are in doubt about what to do to refresh the congress format, perhaps you should consider reaching out to the source; your attendees and members. Ask them which elements of the congress still excite them, and which require further improvement. Get them involved in the process of developing the right congress format and try to fully understand their needs. Those insights could spur ideas you would have never considered otherwise!

Use event technology in a dynamic way

Determining when and how to use event technology can make a huge difference on the final outcome. While adding it to your strategy mix should be done carefully, and not just for the sake of it, benefits like attendee satisfaction and retention, efficiency and additional revenue streams are hard to disregard. There are so many options out there that provide engagement opportunities for all stages of your congress, from reaching out to delegates, to enhancing engagement, and beyond.

Do you heed the call to revive your congress format and spice it up with a refreshing twist? Get more valuable insights on how to create immersive experiences, leverage the latest technologies and engage your audiences here.

Looking for additional tips to stay up-to-date with the shifting industry landscape? Visit here for more.

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