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Association Membership: How to Stay Relevant in Today’s Digital Age

association digital transformation

Associations heed the need to adapt in order to remain relevant in such a hype digital era. Refocusing stale strategies becomes a high priority for any association that wants to stay ahead of the curve.

As emerging digital trends transform the industry landscape at a fast pace, if associations want to attract and engage their membership, which is pervaded by younger generations more now than ever, they need to rethink their approach towards today’s connected world.

If you feel you are a bit behind, here is how to start embracing digital transformation.

Doing things manually? Time to automate your processes

If the word ‘process’ brings large piles of paperwork in mind, then your association is in dire need for digital transformation. Handling an association membership entails several procedures, including applications, renewals, surveys, etc., which means the number of files may skyrocket. This impacts efficiency significantly, as it becomes harder – if not impossible – to keep track of all members and ensure nothing valuable slips through the cracks.

Converting this traditional manual way into a digital, automated process, you will be able to witness a pivotal change in the level of efficiency. All the processes mentioned above could be done through standalone digital forms, while any type of approval or renewal processes could be done through an online system. Ultimately, this would allow your association to save time and resources in maintaining databases, as well as to handle such standardised processes as flawlessly as possible.

Engage with your members through multiple channels

In order for digital transformation to be successful, it needs to stem from an organisational level, rather than simply using it as a way keep up with the latest buzz. At its core, it represents an opportunity to fundamentally change and improve how associations interact and engage with their members. E-newsletters and email campaigns are a great way to get started, but associations need to consider what’s beyond these channels. Social media need to be included in the mix, offering a supplementary frontier to keep the conversation with existing and potential members going. Before starting to publish social media content inconsistently.

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