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Using Social Platforms to Drive Delegate Acquisition

Social platforms - case study

Is your association ready to leverage the power of social platforms? Attracting delegates via clear visuals and compelling content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as engaging with face to face onsite social activities is a widely sought-after goal. With insights and knowledge stemming from extensive experience in digital marketing, the MCI Digital Marketing Department created and launched a range of exciting social media projects to drive delegates to conferences in the health, medical and engineering sectors.

While many associations understand the necessity for social platforms, they don’t always know how to implement a strategy that can deliver measurable results to:

  • Drive abstract submission and registration
  • Increase awareness of the programme and speakers
  • Build a congress community

Accompanied by a full digital marketing campaign, MCI executed a social media strategy that harnessed a winning combination of organic and sponsored social media to:

  • Engage with a wide audience beyond the existing database
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Encourage delegates to take social actions, pre/during/post congress
  • Create continuity between events

Strategy in practise

MCI worked together with one of the leading European healthcare associations, aiming at amplifying their digital marketing and engaging the audience through online tools. By combining organic and paid social media content, the congress maximised its impact, achieving remarkable results, including:

  • Phenomenal online reach through digital advertising tools such as display ads and sponsored content. In particular, a Facebook paid campaign reached 1,278,051 people and received 29,279 clicks!
  • High engagement with the audience regularly taking action in the form of Likes, Comments, Shares and use of Congress hashtags.
  • Twitter activity increased dramatically and the congress received an increase of 391.5% in the number of impressions and attracted thousands of new followers to the page.

An more in-depth look at the results…

  • 1.2M reach through digital advertising
  • 10-15% increase in registration compared to the previous year
  • 36,000 onsite social reach
  • 3,000 – 6,000 organic reach per post
  • 11, 277 website visits from social media

Are you making the most out of your marketing strategy to drive performance and engagement for your congress?

Whether you are looking for ways to uplift the overall experience, boost engagement or activate your audiences through online tools, MCI can help you achieve your goals. To find out how MCI association experts can help your association meet key long- and short-term growth objectives, visit us here.

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