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How to Organise a Sustainable & Cost-Effective Event

event sustainability

Implementing an event sustainability strategy, does not always incur more costs; it can actually generate savings on your bottom line and more importantly improve your brand reputation.

The term sustainability strategy refers to any measurable objective aiming at optimising (reduce environmental impact and cost), innovating to improve participant experience, engaging organisations and attendees to change behaviour and leave positive social impact and finally communicating sustainability initiatives while building brand reputation.

So what can you do to optimise your budget?

1. Re-think your marketing & communication tools, including:

  • Digital or reusable signage (avoid putting the date of the event wherever possible).
  • The event programme. Do you really need to print the event programme, if it is already available on an event app?
  • Delegates giveaways. Ensure they really make a difference. For instance, organise a raffle which can be cheaper to implement and more tangible to estimate.

This way, you can:

  • Save costs on paper, printing and shipping
  • Produce less waste and carbon emissions
  • Generate positive coverage and increase attendee engagement

2. Strategise your approach towards Food & Beverage by:

  • Ensuring the right quantity of food to leave no waste behind.
  • Going for less meat, local and seasonal ingredients, the menu will be cheaper.
  • Eliminating single-use plastic bottles by using water fountains and re-usable flasks or glasses.

This way, you can:

  • Save costs by selecting the most appropriate amount of food and cheaper ingredients
  • Produce less waste

3. Keep a mindful eye on the technical production by:

  • Using re-usable staging elements for the stage design.
  • Using lower energy consumption equipment.
  • Reducing and re-using carpeting.

This way, you can:

  • Save costs by using less!

Applying these simple steps towards event sustainability will certainly help optimise your spend in the short term, but don’t underestimate the long term power of engagement for your client, their audience and increasing brand reputation.

To discover more insights on the impact of sustainability trends on the meetings and events industry visit here, and find more information on MCI’s sustainability approach in our website.

The article was authored by Mélanie Delaplanche, MCI Group’s Sustainability Services Director.

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