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3 Tips to Deliver a 100% Local Event Experience

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In times when everything from daily grocery shopping to attending grand trade shows is all about the experience, the pressure for companies to go the extra mile and set themselves apart from competition in the eyes of attendees is intense. Particularly now that technology has taken over the industry and audiences have become more global than ever, event professionals are strongly focused on delivering quality and value to participants, strategically creating programmes that stand out. While activating international audiences has opened up many opportunities for participation, registration, sponsorship and additional revenue streams, staying in touch with the local flavor is key to create an unforgettable local experience.

Putting together an event that shares cultural elements can be a challenge, but seeing the impact it has on your attendees and the local community makes it worth the investment. Here are a few tips to help you deliver a local experience.

1. Support the local workforce

It is easier to capture the local culture once you recruit staff that knows the destination’s history and background. From catering and decorations, to the overarching concept and entertainment, reach out to local help to assist you in event planning. Locals truly know how to best represent their culture and can help you in finding the right ways to make your event more relevant your audience. Besides giving your attendees a true taste of the local culture, the impact that hiring local staff has on the local economy is not negligible.

2. Use local products

While event planners often get caught up in using tried and tested products, it is a serious oversight to underestimate the power of hosting an event that features locally-sourced products. Small businesses of locally produced products are at the heart of most destinations, so make the most out of such products to create an event steeped in culture. Not only does this highlight the local community even more, but it helps it too as it creates further interest in the area.

3. Prompt attendees to give back to the local community

For many event attendees making a contribution to the local community is an important return on investment. Hence offering them the means to volunteer and take action should be a fundamental part of event planning. Working with local charities and incorporating volunteering programmes into your event is a great and inspiring way to help the community, whilst giving attendees the opportunity to engage more with the local culture. Furthermore, choosing destinations where more help is needed and building your event agenda around a volunteering programme can enable participants to connect more deeply and ultimately elevate their experience beyond imagination.

Whether you are looking for ways to uplift the overall local experience, boost engagement or activate your audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. Visit us here to explore your options.

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